Japanese Translation Agency Arc Communications Launches Translation and Interpreting Services Directed at the U.S. Market

September 13, 2011

Gives Clients Outside Japan a Platform From Which to Enter Lucrative Asian Markets

Arc Communications is a Tokyo-based translation firm that specializes in one-stop business communication services. With the launch of two websites introducing the company's translation and interpreting services, the company is poised to extend its reach to the U.S. Leveraging its expertise in critical Asian business markets such as China and Japan, Arc Communications will look to provide U.S.-based clients with the communication solutions necessary to establish a firm foothold and expand in these markets.

Japanese Translation Agency Arc Communications

Interpreting Services in Japan

"Arc Communications has an established reputation for high translation quality, and it is renowned for its Japanese translation of the Harvard Business Review and other large translation projects carried out for multinational IT, financial and consulting firms," says Kazutoshi Honda, Director of the Translation and Localization Department, Arc Communications Inc. "With the launch of this translation service-focused website, ordering translations is now a painless process, with clients in the U.S. now able to access our extensive network of translators that are native speakers of Japanese and other Asian languages."

"Our translation and interpreting service websites have been launched to help overseas clients find success with their business dealings in Japan," says Mariko Ohsato, President and CEO, Arc Communications Inc. "Based on our core philosophy of 'Communicate Locally, Market Globally,' Arc Communications provides one-stop communication services to break down barriers of language, time and distance to ensure that the true essence behind your message reaches your target audience."

About Arc Communications

Arc Communications is a communication services agency based in Tokyo that specializes in translation, localization, interpretation, web and graphic design services. Company President and CEO Mariko Ohsato established Arc Communications in 2005 after graduating with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. With annual sales of $5 million USD in its previous fiscal year, Arc Communications serves a client base made up of over 300 business corporations, government bodies and other organizations on over 2,000 projects per year.

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Company Name: Arc Communications Inc.
Contact: Morihiro Horie, Marketing Department
Phone: +81-3-5730-6133
Fax: +81-3-5730-6134
E-mail: arc-c@arc.jp
URL: http://www.arc-c.jp/eng/

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